“He has planted eternity in the human heart…” Ephesians 3:11

I can almost recite the whole passage by heart. I see myself pacing across my dorm room when the stress threatened to take over. I did not know what else to do in those moments where I felt life was too hard to handle. I had to remind myself that the season that I was in was going to end eventually and everything had its purpose as long I trusted God. Seasons in life always have beginnings and endings. Once one ends, suddenly another season begins.

One thing I love is making new friends. It brings so much love and warmth to my heart. I believe that God placed people on this earth to not only love Him, but to love others too. And the most important way to love others is by building relationships with them. You cannot love God fully without learning who is and what He is like. How could you proclaim to love all people if you have not cared enough to learn how to love the people around you? Is that not what God has commanded us to do? Although we are made to love and worship a perfect and unfailing God, we all live in an imperfect world where we, being so inconsistent, have the freedom to ultimately choose to care about whatever it is we want to care about.

When sin entered the world [our] love became finite, meaning our love is limited, like a friend you knew for thirteen years who can so easily turn away from you.When the fall of man happened I believe heartbreak entered the world as well. It is important to allow yourself to love, knowing sometimes you will be let down by others. This is vulnerability. Giving and receiving vulnerability is a beautiful blessing.

God’s blessing is to give us the opportunity to accept or reject His presence. That is His own vulnerable state. He knows we will let Him down over and over again and ask for forgiveness repeatedly. Some even choose to reject Him completely. Still, He brings us into His heart. He gives forgiveness and does you one better; He forgets what it was that made you wrong Him, just to show you that He will always love you as much as the moment you came into the world sinless.

Because we are far from being sinless, life has no worth without Him. Every person has a desire for something great, a bigger truth. The answer is I AM, He who is the Beginning and the End. This is the eternity that Solomon talks about when, in verse eleven, he shares that eternity resides in the heart of man. He continues that no one can ever grasp the greatness of God from beginning to end, because eternity is just too vast a territory to measure. 

Whatever you are going through today, know God is greater, and find peace in the knowledge of the Savior of the world-Jesus Christ. He desires a relationship with you. There is no higher call than to find oneself in Him.


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