Allow me to explain how to properly make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When asked in high school what the correct peanut butter to jelly ratio was, I answered “well I mostly put jelly.” The person who asked me the question was furious and rightfully so, because when I tried the way she demanded it be made, I was enlightened. 50/50 was the golden ratio.

The best part about sandwich making is that the ingredients don’t even have to make sense. I believe in the sanctity of a PB&J, but outside of that, go ahead and add some banana slices in there. A honey, Nutella, and cream cheese sandwich is so satisfying. Have you ever tasted a freshly cut pastrami sandwich with alfalfa sprouts, sliced cherry tomatoes, and swiss cheese topped with spicy deli mustard, mayo, and a touch of olive oil on a ciabatta bun? I certainly have not, but I am ready to try it now. Not many people understand that the content of a sandwich is important, like not many people understand the importance of poetry’s content.
Like a sandwich, poetry won’t always make sense, but it can have great significance for different people. It is meant to be incoherent at times. And it is for this reason that I am choosing to make this my first creative writing post. Note, in the future I will probably not introduce my poems or other creative posts with an explanation. This time I will walk you through some of my most beloved lyrics and verses to present you with my very real self. Consider this my morning breath and the bed head part of my writing life.


This was one of the first poems I wrote. I was 11 or 12-years-old at the time. As you can see, the word “FOREVER” was a pretty big deal. I honestly want to laugh at myslef every time i read these earlier pieces of poetry.
High school. That is the only thing I want to say about this poem. I was sixteen when I wrote this. Obviously, I liked my sleep.
This poem was a class assignment for my introduction to writing course. I was studying the Bible when this story inspired me to write something from Tamar’s, King David’s daughter, perspective. It is still one of my favorite personally written.
This was written a a little more than a month before my wedding day. It was around the first day of summer. I bought sunflowers for someone and wrote about how I felt while holding them. A poem like this reminds me to appreciate the little things along the way.

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