Munchkin Soup

Last night, Kalvin and I had the wonderful opportunity of hosting some of our close friends for a bloodless battle in our living room.

Our night started out well. The soup and stew Kalvin and I productively prepared was better than I expected. We all sat around the dining room table grateful for each other’s company. Edification was thrown around generously. We were appreciative together and just plain jolly as any group would be on a muggy and wet Tuesday evening; but like the storm clouds that fumbled aggressively into our skies early Monday morning in our glorious sunny San Diego skies, so did the reign of Munchkin.

No grayer clouds could ever call themselves a storm without measuring up to what went down in our lovely yet small living room. If you have never played or heard  of the game, but are interested in possibly risking your own lifelong friendships, please find yourself a way to play and learn about others as well as yourself. Last night, we brought in two new friends into the world of Munchkin. They learned the importance of an alliance while in combat with a level fifteen monster while you are on level two with gear and items that only provide about eight more points which only would bring you to a level ten in battle compared to the fifteen. If any of what I said did not make sense, I only hope it interests you enough to try the game out.

This game was played for three hours and finished at a draw. I was unsatisfied with it not ending in a win, but was absolutely relieved when I knew I did not have to think about loose threats of revenge in the next round. Meanwhile, I must remind you I thought the food was so delicious, I went back for five bowls. I am souped out and Munchkin’d out until at least tonight.


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