I stood at the corner of hustle and bustle without a sense of direction.

I had walked past isolation avenue, the street before

And decided to walk further north.

There, I found you. Solitude, I love you.

It was no doubt a sweet reunion.

I was filled with tears, these were tears of joy, of course.

I never believed I would miss you so much.

You brought me gifts of content and peace.

I walked with you along ocean shores

And sat on tree branches eight to ten feet off the ground.

No one sees the beauty in the stillness.

They do not value the soothing sound of a receding wave

Like they do in the sound of a crashing wave roar.

Clarity of thought is found in hearing my own breath inhale-hold and exhale.

It makes me wonder

If I were a leaf falling in autumn,

Would I believed I was flying before I hit the ground?

It would not matter if I were the leaf or the grass growing tall and unattended.

The blade stretches out to heaven in hopes of kissing the sky.

Even the soft hum of the wind dancing between the leaves

They can have their moment of fame

Like the symphony of cicadas in the summer evening.

I know we will only enjoy each other for a season at a time

And for only an evening or two within that time but it is always well worth it.

I can only see myself running so far without returning home.

A nap will only allow me to literally sleep my life away.

And I love company of friends and family

But something about you,


I wish I could put you in my pocket or call you to my rescue in my time of need.


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