In October, there are bonfires in the evening. The wind is brisk in the mornings but the heat raises at midday. Have you ever run through a corn maze in the dark? The screaming and laughter really helps when a man with a mask and chainsaw chases you. I remember the leaves falling. I remember visiting Colorado twice. The hillside and horizon was filled with fire-like treetops. The oranges, reds, and yellows were vibrant. I saw the fallen leaves in piles. I was never interested in fall until I fell in love with the season back in 2012. I could not wait to revisit such a beautiful place again.

October is a second shot at a new beginning. Octobers are for healing. We ask for an answer and the leaves even remind us it is time to change. When will the idea of a perfect job or a perfect relationship give us the happiness we have been waiting for? All we need to do is change ourselves. The healing does not come from our own doing. It comes from the release of control.

I can sit in my bed for hours on end reading a book or blogging my life away but none of it means a thing if I do not leave my house and be the change I so proudly proclaim to do. So you can find me roaming around San Diego in search of the next Legacy Live event idea or sitting on the shore somewhere along the ocean or a bay waiting for the quietest moments to hear my next spark of inspiration. Come at me October. I am thirsty for adventure.



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