I have a passionate interest in the English language throughout history. In my free time I write poetry. It helps to have recently come from a visually stimulating adventure when writing. Everyday, I make it a goal to discover a book store or find a cute shop. I was once a barista so I have a love for coffee and lattes. In San Diego, I have found many unique cafes and coffee shops with their own personality and ambiance. Today, I will review three spots throughout San Diego. I will try to stick to a scale of location, barista-costumer interaction, and satisfaction with my drink. I am not going to judge the drink itself because I have ordered different drinks at different places. I will be talking about how I felt after I ordered the drink whether it was underwhelming or satisfactory to what I was desiring in the moment.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

This is the place my brother, Alex, has been bragging about for at least the past three months. I finally had the opportunity to try a drink at their North Park location and it was not their coffee. It’s strange I know. I ordered an iced matcha latte with almond milk. Even though I have yet to taste the coffee, I left extremely satisfied. I am not sure if it was because I had been craving a good matcha drink or if it was because it was ten o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. It was the perfect kick-start to a busy day. The location was primarily driven by people my age or a little bit older. I see it catering to a younger demographic without losing its taste for an older crowd at about fifteen years my senior. The shop itself was small, there was a line out of the store and only a few tables but I can see the place being more of an in-and-out kind of place. I was hoping for a study-stop kind of place, but I heard their Golden Hills location was more open. Since it was busy, there was not much of a memorable interaction with them other than stating the order, but I did hear the service was probably the greatest part of the experience. I have yet to see it, but I will definitely try and make it back sometime soon to either this location or one of their better known locations.

Heartsleeves Coffee

If you are familiar with the Alice in Wonderland novel or have watched the movies and enjoyed them, you might enjoy Heartsleeves. This coffee place is tucked away between two lovely boutiques in Little Italy. The seating is an outdoor courtyard, which is pretty inviting. I ordered a drink that was called something like the White Rabbit it was an Italian soda with vanilla, but I opted to add an espresso shot making it a Dirty White Rabbit. I loved that drink. It was probably one of my favorite so far. I liked it because it was not a latte, but it was not just an Italian soda. The barista was helpful when I talked about what I wanted and when I asked what was popular she recommended the white rabbit drink. I would probably go back with a friend on a Saturday morning.

Communal Coffee 

Located on the corner of University Avenue and Texas Street, this coffee and flowers shop has more than coffee to offer. I had an iced lavender and vanilla latte and it was delicious. The barista was quick to make a conversation and was able to throw out drinks that I might like. Since it is on a busy street in San Diego and its on a corner, I’d say it is one of the most prime locations I have been to. They have a large shop so there is a lot of seating and there were people meeting there, as well as students on their computers. There are flowers and plants everywhere and most of the seating is indoors. I visited on a weekday afternoon and the environment was somewhat quiet, but I did not feel bad for laughing and enjoying myself around Kalvin. It is also a great place to take Instagram photos. If I could, I’d make this my every weekday hang out spot and constantly walk out with a few flowers and a drink.


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