The only thing keeping me from you is time.

What more could I ask for on this lonely night.

This city cannot contain me.

Nowhere have I found the place that brings me closer to you.

Even with you lying beside me.

Still I need you closer.

It brings me to tears

Because I know you are in the infinite.

I live in such a finite world.

I cannot fight sleep enough just for another encounter with you.

I cannot get enough of you.

I only see you.

And I wish I could forget to breathe before I lose sight of you.

It is who you are that makes me desire you.

There is so much of you that I have yet to see

But believe you-me

Relentlessly, I will seek.

Knowing I will always find

Because you have promised me so.

And oh so long will I run.

I will run miles and miles and miles.

To you.

Do you see me now?

These tears I shed for you.

I can’t hardly contain myself.

How else do you undo love?

Because I am undone

Make me blind to the seen so I may see what is unseen.

Shut my ears that I might hear you.

Close my heart from the outside in

So you might heal it from the inside-outward flowing.

Ask me to dance with you.

I promise you I have practiced every step.

But if I slip, I know that you will catch me.

No one will ever know

Because your love for me is effortless and graceful.

You always take the lead

But if I forget and take a step.

I will always come back and follow.


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