The coffee shop review part 2

Dark horse-Golden hills

I made my visit at about 5:03p on a Wednesday. For those of you who are not current Dark Horse enthusiast, their hours are 7-6 daily which meant I only had a short amount of time to study and lounge around at this location. 

In view of Downtown and the end of the 94 freeway (yes I know I phrased that like a Californian) I found my peace with an iced coffee,not nitro, and it was excellent. The barista was quaint and productive with a smile and obliging. The workers, while breaking down for their day, still attended to the surrounding customers wants. I felt more than overwhelmed at the opportunity to have experienced this place with limited hesitation to feel displaced. Their outdoor seating is like a courtyard to the other few shops in the complex. I watch friendly dogs and yoga participants passing and I wish to return at an appropriate to time to settle myself in with my laptop, books, and journals to write, read, and plan my heart away.


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