I write in verse to sooth my soul

Because all I see is my heart running away from me.

I can speak of my desires and dreams but still have brokenness

Is this is a life for your beloved?

Am I ‘one you love?

When I cannot see you.

When I do not feel you.

When I do not hear you.

Still I seek you.

I tell myself you will come

Better yet,

I know you will return.

Over and over again

I look to you.

I want my breath to only breathe before you.

I have wronged you.

I have wronged my brothers and sisters.

I am still weak.

I wish I could go back and love stronger,

Hug longer, smile brighter, and cry deeper.

I ask you over and over again

Fill me with you.

I ask you to see me for who I am.

Take me with my nothingness.

Fill me once again on this new day.

I only want to be more like you.



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