Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their ancestors I would give them.

 Joshua 1:6

Sometimes I find myself pondering idly. As much as I want to be in tune with the moment, I know am still chasing dreams that I have yet to wake from. I even think about future meals I want to have. I cannot face the unfinished credits and courses for my bachelors degree but dear lord, I can make brunch plans for next March. Why am I like this? Because I like to run and sometimes I like to run away. 

I run on a path with others jogging and walking. I love to run, and sometimes I run away from responsibility for fear of failure. Last week, I was talking to God about fear. There are fears I want to overcome, like the fear of failure, but I learned I cannot do it on my own. Sometimes, I think I have to face my fears by myself first before anyone else gets a chance to see it in my life. When God is standing there telling me to give it to him. Instead of running away from my fears, He asks me to simply turn around and offer it to Him to gain courage and strength to conquer my fear of failure. I need courage because I have learned the shame of failure and I wish I had never feared it. I know what I did to relieve the pain of the shame. I know there is nothing to relieve the pain unless it is God’s love. 

I am ready to live, walk, and run in God’s love. I want nothing weighing me down. I do not want anything holding me back. Maybe this is the prompting to take courage and strength that Joshua has to receive in order to take over leading the Hebrew people.


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