One month from today I will be one year older. I know I have a limited amount of years that I will be excited to announce my birthday, so I am taking advantage of the joy I still contain for my life moving forward in the way God has guided me to live. I am one year closer to seeing my future children, wherever in time I will get the chance to meet them. I am one year closer to seeing God fulfill His plans for mine and my husbands’ life. I am excited for the opportunity to be that much closer to finishing college and paying off my college debt. I am in anticipation of Jesus’ return. I am excited.

Last month I wrote about thirst. This month I am hungry. I am ready to have what God has promised for me today. I am ready to make today count like today is the only day I have to give. Some of you have already walked into your job and others are still sitting at home waiting for a change in your life to happen to you. I am both at home and walking into my job every time I write and every time I publish. This is not about making my voice known, because I had so many better ways to make my written work published. I chose to give God my time these last two months and it has been more than worth it. I have learned so much about others and I have learned even more about myself. 

I intentionally write every day to keep discipline as a part of my lifestyle. I know this will lead to greater opportunities. I know there will be jobs and careers later in life that will be established from this season of growth. I am thankful, in this month of thanksgiving, for everyone of you reading this post and every one before and after. I am thankful for your feedback, for mentioning in person how you have enjoyed my writing, and I am thankful for those text messages as well. Thank you. Your love and prayers mean the world to me.


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