This week I have been losing sleep. On Sunday night I could not find rest. I have been fighting anxiety. I am praying for peace. I have not found my place of rest very useful. I know I am reaching the edge of my new season. I know I am so close to what God has promised but I have been jumping hurdles to get to the finish line.

I am glad I am not alone anymore. I know I have God with me. I know I have My husband beside me. I know I have friends encouraging me. Sometimes I feel weak and unappreciated which is such a lie. There is so much more to my life that I forget to acknowledge and love. I know what God is doing within me will bloom into exactly what He wants from me. I want what He wants because I know He has my best interest. 

Truthfully, my nights are not always sound and restful. Sometimes I lie awake all night. I cannot shake the pain of knowing others are in danger. I have come to the awakening of those who are Christ followers and live their lives hiding who you are in order to survive. Something a prayer seems insufficient. I just have to believe that it is enough for now. I search my heart for a prompting or a calling. Almost always it will be a call to pray. So when I cannot sleep, I pray without ceasing. I learned the truth of this phrase as I became a wife. Newlywed or not, intercession is personal journey of a Christian. It takes more than your problems and your wants. It takes the heart of someone willingly yielding their love into his heart.


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