I love flowers. I love them so much, I would have a garden of them. I know this morning is one of those mornings we all need beauty in our lives. Coffee and some flowers sounds great right now. I have something for today, and it means so much me. It is another poem. I wanted to introduce this one to really share my heart about poetry. I have become the person I am today because I pursued creative writing at the age of twelve. I am reaching beyond ten years of this journey and reflect on how writing has transformed my walk with Chirst. It has allowed me to dream big and it has been the vehicle to my goals and aspirations. I hope everyone who knows me or wants to know a little more about me will see my passion behind living the destiny and dreams you were meant to live however that may look. I know I am that much closer to who God wants me to be. 
But a soft touch smudged my hollow heart.
You ever so delightfully pulled me in
Not too close
For my fear of loving you so deeply
With final result of loss
I am not afraid 
I am yielding.
No longer will I be anxious.
Concise and forgiving.
Let this blemish be my token of your affection.
Don’t press me any further.


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