Safety. For about a month now, my body has adjusted to an early morning wake up schedule. I do not have a scheduled work day like most people, although I pray I do very soon. I usually wake up before the sun rises. I do not always stay up the whole morning because the morning have been cooler which means it can be harder to get out of my warm bed. 

This week and last week we had a few suspicious incidents where I felt my home was being compromised. For the first time in years, I felt unsafe in my own home. I think every child has their season of fear and it is always up to the parents to remind them and reassure them that everything will be okay. This week, I had my husband and God of course. I know God will always provide, project, and love me. I forget how great my life is to know that I have a home and bed to sleep at night. I am not in any danger. I thankful for it. 

I hope my early morning become my time of dedication to worship and prayer again. I hope my late nights become more about reading listening to his word. Maybe I am just saying what I want you to hear. I hope I get the opportunity to really experience a disciplined lifestyle.


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