A couple weeks ago I took in this puppy for about a week and a half. She was a chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix and she was a fireball. On day one I met her and I could tell affection was her language. Some dogs prefer food, others love the words, and she loved to be scratched on her chest and her belly. I knew after day one, she had to find a new owner. I offered her to a handful of people. Some asked for her but could not take her in. Finally, she found a home. She was named after a cereal. She loves that family. 

Before this puppy, I had a dog for about eleven years. This other dog was also a chihuahua. She was my little companion. I took her everywhere she was not allowed to go and then some. She loved catching bugs and burrowing into blankets. Others, of course, called her a rat. She did bark often, very often. She knew to come with me every time I felt alone. She would find a place to sit or lay down as long as her little body was up against mine. I knew I had more than a pet. I had a friend when no one knew I needed a friend.

I talk about it all the time. I want a dog. I want a new pet. I have not worked towards getting one only because I know I am not ready for one. I feel like whatever one is out there deserves the best lifestyle as possible and I could not offer that right now. It is okay though, because I know I will have a puppy at the right time. It will the right fit for both Kalvin and I as well as for the dog.


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