Good morning Once Twentied readers.

The day is Friday, the second of December in the year two thousand and sixteen. If you are living in sunny Southern California, the weather is somewhere between forty-eight and fifty-two degrees (Fahrenheit of course) with clear skies. Low winds are expected throughout the day with mild cloud coverage. If you live elsewhere, too bad. It is the perfect day to visit the sunny side of the golden state. Today is a good day. It is December.We have arrived.

Twenty-three years ago I rushed into this world with my ever signature dramatic style. I have been rolling in the mercy, grace, and glory ever since. It is my birthday and I know it is always important to celebrate because I was born with purpose. I was created to change the world. I have arrived for this appointed time to effect change in this world. Do you know what else? You are meant to change your world as well. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you doubt what I say, I know someone adores you. I know God does. And if you are special to Him, then you are special to me.

Today is our day, because this is the day the Lord has made and we will rejoice, and guess what? I sure as heck, will be glad in it. Do you want to know why I know this? The Bible told me so.

Last month I toiled my soul for new words of inspiration and found nothing. My heart was void of all things I wanted to say. I felt gray. Thanksgiving was great but today is different. Today I declare the real reason for this season (inner church kid self-five), Christmas time is here.

I listen to Christmas music from mid-September to Boxing Day. I spend those months working on Christmas plays. I am an aspiring playwright. Today my play will be produced at my local church. Someday I might hit Broadway. I dream of one of my plays being performed at  Brooklyn Tabernacle’s Christmas production someday.

The Christmas season was meant to invoke the anticipation of the Savior coming to earth. This is advent. The King of kings is coming and His party is going to be lit. The birthday boy will be the talk of the town, because when he shows up, angels will sing and wise men from the east will arrive from their long journey with gifts. I heard there might be a DJ by the name of Drummer Boy.

Jesus is so cool. He is so hipster, he was born in a manger with hay in a barn before it was popular to have an outdoor barn type of reception or event. His arrival was perfect. Jesus is perfect. He came to earth, so humble. He was born to a young girl who loved God and became a servant to Him. She carried the Son of God. She loved him like her own son, knowing He would always be God’s first.

I know this season might be a little lonely for some people. I have my moments too. You are not alone. You are never too far from love either. I encourage you to find a good advent devotional this month. Follow it everyday. Learn what it is like to anticipate something more than a gift from Santa. I promise the gifts God brings are way cooler and a lot more useful.


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