My God is the God of miracles.

I repeated over and over again last night a motto or a mantra that kept me from allowing any idle thought from taking over. “My God is the the God of miracles” I repeated, then began to pray.

“You are the God of Elijah. You provided food and water in his time of need. You provided shield from the scorching sun for Jonah, even in his disobedience. These are your people, before your salvation came to us. So how much more for your daughter, will you give unto me in my time of need. I love and desire you. I cry out to you. You are my provider. . .”

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11

Even when the night brings its anxiety and depression. I call out for strength. I find myself in tears some nights when my days are filled with love and excitement. I feel alone sometimes. I learned that is okay to feel because the truth still stands. The truth is I am never alone. I cannot allow this lie to over take my darkest hour. No one person will ever fulfill my thirst for love because it must continually be quenched with the constant. In my inconsistent lifestyle, I have a savior. He calls me his own before any name change from Ramos to Payne, I was branded with Jesus’ name across my heart, across my forehead. I walk in His likeness even when I do not feel it. Truth is not found in the seen. It is found in the unseen.

For too long, I have sat on my dreams and goals. I believed the fear of failure was greater than what God had planned for my life. Like Peter walking out on the water but soon sinking, I took my faith to the next level just to see the waves in my life overtake my faith. Thankfully, like Peter, I was caught by none other than the Savior of the world.

Today, I urge you to find out what seems to be keeping you from the greatest that God has for you. It might be unwanted debt, fear of failure, sickness, or a stronghold like pornography or cheating. Yeah, it just got real guys. I know we all face our giants. I am not perfect either. I can tell you I am facing/have faced some of those things listed. Guess what? My God is always greater than whatever you are facing. Victory is just around the corner. It is time to claim your it!


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