Anticipation of Advent

Anticipation of Advent

Twinkling light trimmings across buildings and houses.

I watch movies and hear songs sung.

Party here dinner there.

Red lipstick, high heels, and dresses.

I cannot sing without a jingle bell 

Say rock, say rock.

With a O Holy Night

And Away in a Manger.

Christmas this. Christmas that.

Trees, bells, garland, and Santa.

‘Twas the night before the night before

The whole world wishes good

World Peace and good will toward men.

No wonder we call it

The most wonderful time of the year.


What it Takes to be Mighty

What it Takes to be Mighty

They call her little or small but she knows

Even the smallest wolf in the wolf pack 

Howls at the moon and the sky

They do not know her size

It is the strength in her heart that resounds

She calls for her wants and her needs

The wilderness bows to their knees.

She is mighty.

The world is vast.

There are many faces, many minds

Many minds with billions of voices.

Her heart overflows with passion and unrest.

Not everyone hears her.

She speaks anyway

For she is mighty.

There is nothing she calls to her name

No wealth, no land.

Nothing but a working body and health.

Her mind is intact.

She is free.

No one can touch her dreams.

She knows who holds the world.

She is mighty.

My Life Painted Red

My Life Painted Red

La vie en rose for the spring, I love you.

Autumn amber settles my soul from September to late October.

Paint my life red now

My sweet sweet December rouge.

I want to melt in all of your love

I see colors of gray and blue.

Fight the wind and fog, I just want to see you.

Bring your colors of warmth and rage.

I want your passion and readiness.

Give me strength to carry on.

I want to love indefinitely and relentlessly.

Inspire me. Embrace me.

Your smile both brings joy and fear.

I shake from excitement and love.

I am a little all over the place.

But my love is devoted.

So take my love wholly.

In any avenue and fashion.

Paint my life red.

Flowers and Poetry

Flowers and Poetry

I love flowers. I love them so much, I would have a garden of them. I know this morning is one of those mornings we all need beauty in our lives. Coffee and some flowers sounds great right now. I have something for today, and it means so much me. It is another poem. I wanted to introduce this one to really share my heart about poetry. I have become the person I am today because I pursued creative writing at the age of twelve. I am reaching beyond ten years of this journey and reflect on how writing has transformed my walk with Chirst. It has allowed me to dream big and it has been the vehicle to my goals and aspirations. I hope everyone who knows me or wants to know a little more about me will see my passion behind living the destiny and dreams you were meant to live however that may look. I know I am that much closer to who God wants me to be. 
But a soft touch smudged my hollow heart.
You ever so delightfully pulled me in
Not too close
For my fear of loving you so deeply
With final result of loss
I am not afraid 
I am yielding.
No longer will I be anxious.
Concise and forgiving.
Let this blemish be my token of your affection.
Don’t press me any further.

Dream Tonight

Dream Tonight

Dreamer, dream a dream tonight.

I am right beside you.

You hold my finger with your strength so small.

I let you.

I sit still until I know your breath slows in slumber

Your grip loosens in rest.

You are falling asleep

I fall in exhausted on the cusp of tears.

I am so happy to see you sleep

Because you mean so much to me

Already I see you playing in the sun

Tomorrow is never promised 

But hope lies there for so much

Dream a dream Dreamer, dream for me tonight

For I may not receive any sleep tonight

There is too much to do with insufficient time

I love you at all times

Especially when we are away

Especially when we are away

Tonight I will do my best to fall asleep

But I cannot promise my words which I know I may not keep

So dream tonight. Dreamer, dream for me please.

When I Cannot Think Straight

When I Cannot Think Straight

I write in verse to sooth my soul

Because all I see is my heart running away from me.

I can speak of my desires and dreams but still have brokenness

Is this is a life for your beloved?

Am I ‘one you love?

When I cannot see you.

When I do not feel you.

When I do not hear you.

Still I seek you.

I tell myself you will come

Better yet,

I know you will return.

Over and over again

I look to you.

I want my breath to only breathe before you.

I have wronged you.

I have wronged my brothers and sisters.

I am still weak.

I wish I could go back and love stronger,

Hug longer, smile brighter, and cry deeper.

I ask you over and over again

Fill me with you.

I ask you to see me for who I am.

Take me with my nothingness.

Fill me once again on this new day.

I only want to be more like you.