Why Dogs are Your Best Friend

Why Dogs are Your Best Friend

A couple weeks ago I took in this puppy for about a week and a half. She was a chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix and she was a fireball. On day one I met her and I could tell affection was her language. Some dogs prefer food, others love the words, and she loved to be scratched on her chest and her belly. I knew after day one, she had to find a new owner. I offered her to a handful of people. Some asked for her but could not take her in. Finally, she found a home. She was named after a cereal. She loves that family. 

Before this puppy, I had a dog for about eleven years. This other dog was also a chihuahua. She was my little companion. I took her everywhere she was not allowed to go and then some. She loved catching bugs and burrowing into blankets. Others, of course, called her a rat. She did bark often, very often. She knew to come with me every time I felt alone. She would find a place to sit or lay down as long as her little body was up against mine. I knew I had more than a pet. I had a friend when no one knew I needed a friend.

I talk about it all the time. I want a dog. I want a new pet. I have not worked towards getting one only because I know I am not ready for one. I feel like whatever one is out there deserves the best lifestyle as possible and I could not offer that right now. It is okay though, because I know I will have a puppy at the right time. It will the right fit for both Kalvin and I as well as for the dog.


My Five Steps of Falling in Love

My Five Steps of Falling in Love

Have you ever wondered why you all of a sudden find yourself infatuated with someone who you never before acknowledged? I remember the moments that led me to my relationship with Kalvin. The moments were not always spontaneous and magical. I was eighteen and filled with zeal when Kal caught my eye. I refused to have anything stand in my way of what God had intended for me. Unknown to me, my future was right in front of my life, waiting for me to take a leap into a pool of dense atmosphere.

When I see other young people say they love each other, I too smile like those who did so to Kal and I at our many dates before we married. Disclosure, the smiles and awes have yet to stop. He and I rarely have a time where we are not told we are adorable. It is much appreciated and well received, but it does not define who we are. It became apparent to become who I was supposed to be as a young woman when I began to let go of other people’s opinions on how I should live my life. For too long, the people I surrounded myself around were people who believed they knew best on how we were allowed to date as a young couple. A lot of those people had not even been in a relationship or a Godly one at that. It is important to know who you go to for a good counsel. I believe it is also beneficial to have friends who are dating as well. Those who have similar standards and goals are that much more appropriate for each other to stay encouraged on their journey. 

If you are reading this and have yet to find your love. I want to encourage you with my five steps of falling in love. His might sound like a checklist or a way for you to find love but really I am just letting you in on my process of realization.

1. The Let Down

When I first met Kalvin, I had this idea he was going to be as tall has another friend that I had. I had told our mutual friend at the time that this other friend was really tall and funny. She somehow omitted Kalvin’s height and really wanted me to meet him. When I met Kalvin it all became a blur because I was almost immediately lost interest in even introducing myself. 

2. Thank You Notes

About six or seven month after that moment. I had given Kalvin a book to borrow and a few weeks later he gave it back. He wrote on sticky notes how appreciative he was for borrowing the book and how he learned so much from it. I took the notes for whatever reason and stuck them to a school notebook for weeks it was the first thing I saw in each class. Somehow the more I saw the note the more I thought about him. I began to think of him as a sweet person. I did not realize my mind was changing until a classmate asked what I was smiling about when I was staring at my notebook and outlining the note that I stuck to the cover of my notebook. I tried to quickly snap out of it. 

3. Second Glance

A month after the notebook incident, I revisited Oral Roberts University as a high school visiting student. I knew Kalvin was visiting as well but he and I did not visit together. I had my friends and he was making his own. When I saw him there on campus, he had shaved his mustache that was a part of his look for years. I then did not see him as completely unattractive but still did not really have any interest in dating him. 

4. Pranks, Promposals, and Pledges 

This is the moment Kalvin and I have marked as our dating anniversary. On April fools day of 2012 I had the absolutely brilliant idea of having the one person everyone in my youth group wanted me to date to actually act like we had started seeing each other. That evening we announced it was all a joke and nothing was happening between us. No one believed us of course. Two days later Kalvin asked me to prom in this elaborate plan to hike and ask me at the top of Cowles mountain I front of my whole youth group. Knowing what happened a couple nights before, I thought and ask if this was a joke as well. It was not a joke. I then asked him to my prom through some scripture verses. [What a great idea, I know]. We then met with each other via skype to talk about dating. I told him I was not the type to just date. If we dated there was going to an end goal of eventually getting married. We both looked at each other awkwardly after that statement. I remember he said “okay” we smiled and moved on with our night. It did not mean I had to marry him. It just made my intentions of dating more focused for both of us.

5. The Pursuit 

Like I mentioned before, dating was never easy. We did not always go to people who were well suited advise us on how we were supposed to treat each other. This ultimately lead to a break from dating each other for a year. It was difficult but incredibly rewarding. We came together and immersed ourselves in doing ministry. While learning how to work as a team it became more apparent our goals individually were to become one invincibly. It took a couple of years after the break for our promise to come together but almost four months after our wedding. We are seeing the blessing and benefits of all our hard work. It does not stop at the wedding though. It is a daily process for the both of us to strive to become who we are meant to be together and as individuals. This is our pursuit. 

    Early Mornings and Late Nights

    Early Mornings and Late Nights

    Safety. For about a month now, my body has adjusted to an early morning wake up schedule. I do not have a scheduled work day like most people, although I pray I do very soon. I usually wake up before the sun rises. I do not always stay up the whole morning because the morning have been cooler which means it can be harder to get out of my warm bed. 

    This week and last week we had a few suspicious incidents where I felt my home was being compromised. For the first time in years, I felt unsafe in my own home. I think every child has their season of fear and it is always up to the parents to remind them and reassure them that everything will be okay. This week, I had my husband and God of course. I know God will always provide, project, and love me. I forget how great my life is to know that I have a home and bed to sleep at night. I am not in any danger. I thankful for it. 

    I hope my early morning become my time of dedication to worship and prayer again. I hope my late nights become more about reading listening to his word. Maybe I am just saying what I want you to hear. I hope I get the opportunity to really experience a disciplined lifestyle.

    Flowers and Poetry

    Flowers and Poetry

    I love flowers. I love them so much, I would have a garden of them. I know this morning is one of those mornings we all need beauty in our lives. Coffee and some flowers sounds great right now. I have something for today, and it means so much me. It is another poem. I wanted to introduce this one to really share my heart about poetry. I have become the person I am today because I pursued creative writing at the age of twelve. I am reaching beyond ten years of this journey and reflect on how writing has transformed my walk with Chirst. It has allowed me to dream big and it has been the vehicle to my goals and aspirations. I hope everyone who knows me or wants to know a little more about me will see my passion behind living the destiny and dreams you were meant to live however that may look. I know I am that much closer to who God wants me to be. 
    But a soft touch smudged my hollow heart.
    You ever so delightfully pulled me in
    Not too close
    For my fear of loving you so deeply
    With final result of loss
    I am not afraid 
    I am yielding.
    No longer will I be anxious.
    Concise and forgiving.
    Let this blemish be my token of your affection.
    Don’t press me any further.

    Planning My Better Tomorrow

    Planning My Better Tomorrow

    I Praise God for what he has promised; yes, I praise the Lord for what he has promised. Psalm 56:10

     This weekend was unexpectedly fun. I had the opportunity to hang out with my best friends and make a new one. I do not know what other people think when I mention having a bucket list but I do have a list of activities that I am hoping to accomplish before I leave the world. On Saturday night I was able to check one of those items off my list. If you are wondering which one it is, you will never know unless you ask me because I have already posted it on social media and since it is illegal, I think, I am just going to let you know that it was fun. 

    Last month God was showing me what “living your legacy” is all about. I know everyone has a plan and purpose for their lives. I am excited to see the fulfillment of God’s plan in my life. I am overjoyed to be where He wants me to be right now. I know now everything will be okay for those who love God. 

    I stand firm on what I have been promised, because I know God will provide every part of this journey in order to glorify Him. It is important not to deviate from His will. I sometimes see what God wants me to do and from there, I make up my own mind and plans for how I will get to that point. Meanwhile, God is right there waiting for His plan to take over. So I have to remember consistently that He is always there. I even saw it on Saturday when all I planned on doing was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and making brownies, none of which happened. God has better. 

    He sets out people before you when you least expect them to enter your life. They are sometimes introduced into your life and become more significant later to glorify Him. I like to call those relationships, Kingdom-Connections. I  give relationships to God and I constantly search my heart for any part of myself that has yet to be offered up. I hold people dear to me and from time to time I know what it is like to withhold someone I love from Him. I have also been told by God when a relationship must end. It is not always easy to hear God say this to me, because I know I will always love them. Although these people may exit my life, I know it is all to benefit both parties in the relationship. It is healthful to give that love back as an obedient offering; it never leaves me. It just expands my prayer list. I know He has greater things in store for my life and for those around me.

    Everyday I see growth in my life and I thank Him for a new day. I do have my gloomy and cloudy days. I do sit at home sometimes asking God, “why?” It puts me in a place of humility and worship because I know He is one to always fulfill his plans and promises. If you are reading this today and if you are wondering what God has planned for your life, I urge you to go to Him and ask. Ask for His heart. He will show you His wisdom and His love will change your life. You will begin to see what He has for your life and that is where your legacy stands. Walk in the legacy. Worship God with your life.

    Sleepless in San Diego

    Sleepless in San Diego

    This week I have been losing sleep. On Sunday night I could not find rest. I have been fighting anxiety. I am praying for peace. I have not found my place of rest very useful. I know I am reaching the edge of my new season. I know I am so close to what God has promised but I have been jumping hurdles to get to the finish line.

    I am glad I am not alone anymore. I know I have God with me. I know I have My husband beside me. I know I have friends encouraging me. Sometimes I feel weak and unappreciated which is such a lie. There is so much more to my life that I forget to acknowledge and love. I know what God is doing within me will bloom into exactly what He wants from me. I want what He wants because I know He has my best interest. 

    Truthfully, my nights are not always sound and restful. Sometimes I lie awake all night. I cannot shake the pain of knowing others are in danger. I have come to the awakening of those who are Christ followers and live their lives hiding who you are in order to survive. Something a prayer seems insufficient. I just have to believe that it is enough for now. I search my heart for a prompting or a calling. Almost always it will be a call to pray. So when I cannot sleep, I pray without ceasing. I learned the truth of this phrase as I became a wife. Newlywed or not, intercession is personal journey of a Christian. It takes more than your problems and your wants. It takes the heart of someone willingly yielding their love into his heart.

    November Hunger

    November Hunger

    One month from today I will be one year older. I know I have a limited amount of years that I will be excited to announce my birthday, so I am taking advantage of the joy I still contain for my life moving forward in the way God has guided me to live. I am one year closer to seeing my future children, wherever in time I will get the chance to meet them. I am one year closer to seeing God fulfill His plans for mine and my husbands’ life. I am excited for the opportunity to be that much closer to finishing college and paying off my college debt. I am in anticipation of Jesus’ return. I am excited.

    Last month I wrote about thirst. This month I am hungry. I am ready to have what God has promised for me today. I am ready to make today count like today is the only day I have to give. Some of you have already walked into your job and others are still sitting at home waiting for a change in your life to happen to you. I am both at home and walking into my job every time I write and every time I publish. This is not about making my voice known, because I had so many better ways to make my written work published. I chose to give God my time these last two months and it has been more than worth it. I have learned so much about others and I have learned even more about myself. 

    I intentionally write every day to keep discipline as a part of my lifestyle. I know this will lead to greater opportunities. I know there will be jobs and careers later in life that will be established from this season of growth. I am thankful, in this month of thanksgiving, for everyone of you reading this post and every one before and after. I am thankful for your feedback, for mentioning in person how you have enjoyed my writing, and I am thankful for those text messages as well. Thank you. Your love and prayers mean the world to me.